Four Ideas to Step Up Your Indoor Garden

growing shelves

Who doesn’t like the idea of having a lush green view inside the house? Even if you already have a garden, the chances are that you’ll still appreciate having some plants and flowers to enjoy indoors, especially when the weathers outside are unforgiving. 

Today, we’ll learn four ideas to help you step up your indoor garden. It will be a makeover that can bring more positive vibes to your house!

Go Hydro

hydroponic methodHydroponics is the planting method of the future. Not only it is space-efficient since you can easily go vertical with it, but it is also mess-free. You won’t have to deal with manure and dirt to grow your plants!

And if you think hydroponic planting is much of a hassle, then you maybe have not followed the development in this agricultural technology. Hydroponic kits have become widely available and affordable.

Put More Mesh

vertical plantingYou can’t call it a ‘garden’ if the plants don’t look like they grow lushly. And if you’re running out horizontal space, yet the garden still seems too empty, you can fill the space with some garden mesh. Put some hanging plants or decorate with natural elements like decorative wooden ornaments and such, so that it can create a sense of green opulence. 

Improve the Air Circulation

Do you notice how fast it is for your flowers to wither? If it’s too fast, then it’s probably due to the high humidity in the garden. An indoor garden is technically a closed ecosystem. Therefore, external factors like lighting and air circulation must be artificially made in the system. And if you notice that your plants are unhealthy, then you may need to inspect the air circulation system. You should check the temperature and quality of the air. 

Maintain the Insulation

Insulation plays a big role in an indoor garden because if there is even the slightest damage, your electricity bill can spike. Moreover, another sign of weathered insulation is that when you find many of your plants not flowering. When these happen, you should check the insulation in the windows, doors, and walls. If you don’t know how to do so, don’t hesitate to contact a technician. Also, upgrade the insulation materials if it turns out you’ve been using the older technology.